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6 Must-Have Marketing Tools to Increase Your Presence


Are you struggling to figure out how to boost your online presence? Do you want to learn about the digital marketing tools that can assist you in promoting your business? Make sure your digital platforms are well optimized, and your marketing approach is in line with your company’s goals. We’ve compiled a list of digital marketing apps that can help your business form a presence on the internet. The list covers tools that are cheap for the most part. These solutions are well regarded as the best at what they do. Some of the tools mentioned in this article you may of heard of or used in the past.



The quality of the content will determine how high a webpage ends up in the search engine and how long a user will stay on a site. Effective use of grammar and key words will ensure a high page ranking. Grammarly enables you to communicate effectively in your writing. It can pick up errors in your grammar, word choice, and style. Grammarly’s tool will identify and correct your mistakes. Aside from common errors such as misspellings, this app can correct your writing style and carry out plagiarism checks. Grammarly highlights ambiguous words and recommends more interesting synonyms. You can also spot repetitive or unnecessary words that weaken your writing’s quality. Grammarly has a free tier which serves most of your needs.

PushCrew (

PushCrew is a push notification service provider. A push notification is a pop-up alert that is shown on mobile and internet applications. Push notifications have become one of the most efficient techniques to reach your target audience. They are used to drive users back to your content. You can use it to advertise products or offers to your users, even if they’re not on your website.

Mailchimp (

Mailchimp is an automation tool for email marketing. It provides an impressive suite of tools that are relatively cheap when compared to its competitors. It allows you to construct emails in line with your company’s theme and send them in bulk to users. It provides a comprehensive list of templates to choose from. It also allows you to build out your mailing list. A mailing list is an effective way of identifying users that could be potential customers in the future. You must form a comprehensive enough mailing list of valuable users to enable effective email marketing and get the most out of Mailchimp.

SEMrush (

Despite a large number of SEO tools available on the market, SEMrush remains one of the most widely used ones. Content is king when it comes to trying to understand your target audience. SEMrush provides an impressive Keyword Analytics tool that is very easy to use. Search keywords relevant to your business and SEMrush will return a bunch of key metrics that measure their effectiveness like volume and competition. You can also use SEMrush to analyse your site. This platform provides targeted optimisation suggestions to enhance the website’s search ranking based on what your competition is doing.

Crazyegg (

We gather and analyse data to learn how our website may be optimised (shameless plug). Crazyegg is a great little tool to collate data. Crazy Egg can monitor and visualise your visitors’ behaviour using a little snippet of code that you may deploy on some or all pages of your website. Which sections of your pages are drawing the most attention? What are the most frequent links? Who are the most likely to click on them? Crazy Egg will not only collect data to answer these questions but will also provide them to you in a set of easily understandable visualisations.

Google Analytics (

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that gives you a detailed look at the performance of your website and/or app. It is a popular choice for anyone using multiple Google tools. It connects with Google’s marketing and advertising platforms (like Google Ads, Search Console, and Data Studio). It gives you out of the box metrics that record things like how long a user stays on your site. Google Analytics allows you to establish a profile of the type of person visiting your site. It is necessary that you understand the type of users that your website is attracting. Google Analytics provides easy integration with your application. It allows you to easily define custom metrics. Google Analytics has become the defacto open standard. It has a lot of rich features that allow you to drive the design and development phaise of your website with confidence.

Over to You

It is time to start optimizing your business to become data-driven. These tools are highly valuable for any business as they provide the necessary strategies to grow a brand. These tools will ultimately help your business grow if used effectively. Make sure you research these tools further and bookmark this tab for safekeeping. The internet can be a challenging place for any business to establish a presence in. You must put data at the heart of your business’s growth.